Other Books

Horrors Mixed With Hope (2024)

In progress.

I've been working on my mom's biography for several years and am hoping to have it published during the spring of 2024.

The story begins in Lódz, Poland (in 1927), then continues in Eschershausen, Germany, and finally ends in Canada.

The Hidden Journal (2024)

In progress.

This is the book I intend to release after my mother's biography listed above. My father, Willi Twele, became a Prison of War and was held in the Rhine Valley Prison Camps at the end of World War Two. He managed to keep a journal throughout his imprisonment, and in this book I intend to insert scans of each page of that journal along with a translation from German to English.

For the Love of Art (2024)

In progress.

Oskar Rothert, my grandfather on my mother's side, was born in Lodz, Poland. During WW2 he served as an interpreter for the German Army, being fluent in German, Polish and Russian. At the end of the war he was imprisoned by the Russians for 5 years. After his release he join his family who had relocated in Germany and later emigrated to Canada where he was able to take up his passion, art.

This book will contain a compilation of photographs of his paintings along with some background information.