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Syrian Refugee Resources

For regular updates on resources and news about Syrian refugees, go to my FB page Syrian Refugee Resources and click like. 
Get your 2017 BC Newcomers' Guide to Resources and Services. Click here for the Arabic PDF version, or here for the English PDF version, or here to choose a different language. 

I would suggest Canadians consider sitting down together with Newcomer Syrians and go through the guide together. 
The Oxford Picture Dictionary  is a must have resource to help Arabic-speaking Newcomers learn English. And it's espcecially useful if you can't speak Arabic because you can point to pictures and help them with their English language learning.
I found this free pdf file, Refugees from Syria , to be a well put together resource about Syrian culture.
Syria in Focus is a monthly update on UNHCR Syria activities, current interventions, partner activities and the stories of beneficiaries themselves.
Here's an excellent YouTube video clip about New Hope Community Services which is dedicated to helping Newcomers adjust to Canadian life.
MOSAIC provides many services to help Newcomers succeed as they get settled here in Canada. 
SABEEL MEDIA  creates original, spiritual, culturally relevant, compelling media programs, digitally distributing them all FREE to their international audiences around the globe, utilizing the power of mobile phones and the Internet.