Peter Twele

Speaker / Author 
Translator / Researcher
with a Middle East Focus

Rubbing Shoulders in Yemen

Yemen is a fascinating country ... a country that Peter had the privilege of visiting a number of times over the past 30 years.  Rubbing Shoulders in Yemen focuses on his unforgettable cross-cultural experiences and the extraordinary hospitality he received from friendly rifle wielding Yemenis and others while doing research there in 1987. 
Rubbing Shoulders in Yemen is available at (also .ca,, .de, etc.) in both paperback and kindle edition. 
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Iraq on Their Doorstep

The Gulf War of the early 1990's (aka Operation Desert Storm and the Mother of all Battles) had a monumental impact on much of our world.  Iraq had been dragged into yet another conflict by its warmongering president, Saddam Hussein.  Peter and Hazel were living in the neighboring country of Jordan before, during and after the Gulf War.  Once the dust of the war had settled, Iraqis poured into Jordan by the tens of thousands.  Iraq on Their Doorstep presents a compelling account of the fears, pains, and difficult decisions faced by Iraqis and others who got caught up in the conflict. 
Iraq on Their Doorstep is available at (also .ca,, .de, etc.) in both paperback and kindle edition. 

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Communication Among
Arabic Varieties

Arabic, spoken in many countries, boasts hundreds of millions of speakers ... however, not everyone speaks the same dialect.  In fact, spoken varieties differ from one Arab country to another, and even from one region to another within the same country.  In addition, there exists a prestigious literary form of Arabic which is the only variety sanctioned for education.  This vast continuum of dialects, all referred to as Arabic, often results in communication problems.  Peter took on the challenge of investigating how well speakers of rural Yemeni Arabic varieties understood three varieties other than their own. 
The research results of Peter's MA thesis, originally submitted to the University of Texas in Arlington in 1988, are reprinted in this book.  Communication Among Arabic Varieties is available at (also .ca,, .de, etc.) in paperback. 
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